750 Words.

I place full blame on this site, this one right here: 750words.com for any lapse in posting. The concept of the site is to write 750 words a day, everyday, and the guy who created it added a few incentives to help motivate people.

I imagine users, for the most part, begin with an attitude along the lines of “oh, cool, this is a great idea.”  Within mere paragraphs everything changes. The ridiculously simple game mechanics creep up on you and BAM–forget about writing, now I’ve got to focus on becoming a phoenix. YES, A PHOENIX. I COULD BECOME A PHOENIX.

Use short words, and lots of ’em. Not so fast, they know when you copy and paste.

The kid I live with (not mine) is downstairs playing Call of Duty: The Road To The World At War Modern Warfare War Collection and I am up here pounding out creole-style monosyllabic (HELL NO CONTRACTIONS YOU ARE TWO IN ONE) phrases in order to earn a 72×72 pixel illustration of the bird of fire next to my name.

I wish I could tell you I’m hiding in 750 words, ardently honing my craft–but that would be a lie. And on that note, I should say goodbye. Midnight is fast approaching and I’ve got 579 words to go.

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