Watch Us Rot.

A commute. At least thirty minutes of stagnancy after a dinner–the one with the meats and the cheeses and the breads. Plenty of time for digestion and fatation. Let that settle in and shimmy its butt backwards putting a slow pressure on the flesh; sh shh shhh, don’t worry little fat, there’s plenty of time.

Train doors will open to reveal bright earth colors and bright earth creatures.

As soon as he trots down the platform stairs, Beau realizes left his keys on his desk. Within moments he’s leaning against his car in the station parking lot, cursing under his breath in his head. Jen will send Albina with the spare set before she heads home for the day. He contemplates just walking and leaving the car overnight. Has Albina already left? Probably. He’ll wait.

Together, we rot.

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