Involving Children.

My 10 year-old cousin Leo told me a story the other day. Here it is. “These girls, these three girls in my class were talking and talking and talking during recess. They wouldn’t stop talking and I just wanted some peace and quiet, so I went up to them and said i’ll pay you each 5 bucks if you stop talking. So I gave them each $5 and they shut up. Then, about two minutes later one of the girls came back, she was laughing, and she came back and gave me the money and said ‘we can’t stand it!'”


A few weeks ago I bought a travel sized shampoo bottle at Whole Foods so that I could wash my greasy bangs in the bathroom sink and then dry them with the hand dryer. As I did this, a little girl in the bathroom line turned to her mother and said confusedly, “mommy…she’s washing her hair.”

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