So here’s the pitch

There’s this man…mid forties, married, no kids. His wife dyes her hair red to stick out in a crowd and belong to one too. But David, back to David, he’s “unhappy.” He lives in New York with his wife in a spacious, less-than-ideal apartment in midtown. They get it cleaned three times a week. “Clean is an improvement. Clean is an improvement.”

Mia, the Filipino woman who does the cleaning, keeps her hair short like a man’s.

David has never met Mia. She comes during the day while he and his wife are at work, and his wife leaves her pages and pages of instructions about dry cleaning, or emptying her desktop trash can, or pickling things.

But Wife takes a job in DC. She’ll be commuting during the week. She leaves David pages and pages of instructions on what he should have Mia do.

David begins writing the notes:

Hi Mia. Day light savings is coming up…just wanted to make sure you remembered. – David.

Hi Mia. How’s your day so far? Things are quiet around here. Every time she leaves I think the same thing. It’s this skit, there used to be this skit on tv called “Middle-aged Man,” about a man whose age brought him “powers” beyond those of guys my age (at the time). A woman asks him about her disinterested husband, and he goes: how long have you been married? “7 years,” she says and he says: “how long have you had that hairstyle?” “7 years,” she says.

David keeps writing the letters. After a while Mia starts writing back. They still don’t meet.

Gaping plot mysteries find no home in a premise.

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